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Affordable last mile commute just a click away!

Ride Economical

Travel at almost no cost (less than 10 paise per km) upto 50km/charge

Ride Responsibly

Be a nature saviour with 0 carbon emissions

Ride Comfortably

Enjoy hassle free rides, solo or pillion, with cushioned seats

Ride Safely

Safety speed limit of 25kmph, requires no driving license


Choose Your Plans

Get your favourite Electric Bike delivered at your doorstep.
Available on rent for a Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly basis.

Fully Sanitized Free Maintenance 24x7 Assistance

Security Deposit: A fully refundable security deposit of ₹ 1,000 is applicable on Rental Plans.
If Pickup/Drop facility is availed, a small convenience fee of ₹ 250 will be applicable one way.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is HOPPR e-bike & how is it different from a regular gearless scooter like Activa or Scooty?
A Hoppr E-bike is very similar to your regular gearless scooter. It also runs the same way. In fact, it is better in many ways for example:
  • Moves without making any noise
  • Looks like your regular gearless scooter
  • Much smoother in acceleration
  • Savings of more than 700% as compared to a petrol bike
The BIG difference is that HOPPR e-bike runs on electricity instead of the harmful pollution causing petrol. Instead of taking the e-bike to a petrol pump for refueling, you can charge the e-bike at your home/office with a regular electric outlet. Moreover the battery of the e-bike can also be detached and can be carried along for charging.
All Hoppr e-bikes have safety speed limit of 25 to 30 KMPH, which means that it is exempt by the RTO authorities from registration and hence these ebikes do not require a driving license to ride.

Well, we can home deliver you the bike anywhere in Mumbai once your booking is confirmed. For testing the bike you are welcome to our Goregaon office which is at the address:
The bikes being given to you will be brand new and less than 100 Kms driven before coming to you.

We got you covered. All Hoppr e-bikes are insured comprehensively for all damages. As for anything wrong with the bike you can call us anytime for any issues and our technician will be there at your service.

It is highly unlikely we will miss on you, but still we are just a call away. You can contact us on +91 98213 24901 and we will help you with your booking.

Note: The e-bikes are extremely high in demand and hence are being given on a first come first serve basis. We encourage you to please let us know if you wish to extend the duration as much in advance as possible.

The e-bike is powered by a box shaped portable battery which can be charged in 2 ways:
  • Take the e-bike closer to an electrical outlet and charge using the cable given.
  • You can also plug out the battery and charge at any standard electrical outlet. It typically takes 3 hours for the battery to get charged.
Both options are very easy and Hoppr team will provide you all the necessary information at the time of handover.
The e-bike will run for anywhere between 45 to 55 Kms before you need to charge it again.

The e-bike will take mere 1 unit of electricity per charge; 1 unit of electricity will cost you around Rs. 10. This means you can use the e-bike for 55 kms for Rs. 10 (approx). The savings are not at all small 😊 On a petrol bike you would have to spend about Rs. 75 for getting the same mileage. You end up saving more than 700% 😎

Excellent! You have made a great choice. Please feel free to reach out to us on Phone or Whatsapp us at the following numbers:

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Hoppr is a Mumbai based venture that provides e-bikes on rent. Our e-bikes are designed and equipped with technology which will not only take you from point A to B, but also do it in way that's most efficient, convenient and nature friendly. At Hoppr we are dedicated to solving your daily commute problem in a way that is good for your pocket, your neighbourhood and your city. More about us and our long term vision can be found here.

If you wish to enquire about renting an e-bike, please use the Phone icon below to Contact Us.
If you are from the Press, Investor Relations or wish to discuss anything about the business.
Please reach out to us at info@hoppr.co.in